Remove your makeup before you sleep

Remove your makeup before you sleep

Every girl wants to buy cosmetics. They invest a lot on their eye products without knowing the harmful effects after applying them on the eyes. Beauty care products have made considerable progress from the harmful powders utilized in present days. They are focusing more on the product chemical used that can affect our eyes miserably.

We’re extremely worried about whether the cosmetics are free of fixings like lead, arsenic, and mercury. The close we use cosmetics to the eye, the more risk we are taking. Products applied on the waterline of your eye might depend on the brand you are using.

If a girl is prone to allergy and is very sensitive to any product should avoid harmful products. This may lead to redness or puffiness of eyes. Some use false lashes or different shading contacts for beatifying themselves. Theses may contaminate since microscopic organisms can develop on them and after that get into the eyes. Many have issues with mascara where you might get problem on the lashes. Blepharitis may occur on lashes if you have sensitive eyes which may also lead to flaky red eyes. Normally it is caused if you have dandruff on your scalp. Thus that infection can be worse if such products are applied on them.

Inflammation of the eyelids
Inflammation of the eyelids

Protect your eyes while applying products

  • Always check the expiry date of a product
  • Clean out your makeup fully from your eyes before going to sleep.
  • If you have any scalp problem then you should take special care of it as it tends to infect your eyes more easily.
  • You should clean your eyes properly while you wake you in the morning as many bacteria tend to grow around the corner of eyes.
  • We cannot recommend you to use branded products but local products are also not suggested in this phase.
  • Please don’t share your brushes.
  • You should always wash eye brush makeup after your eye makeup is completed. As brush will contain more bacteria and will contaminate your eyes.

You should take care of your eyes and maintain proper regimen according to the needs.

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