Are you having a bulge eye? Do monthly checkups
Proptosis - Bulging of the eyes

Are you having a bulge eye? Do monthly checkups

Proptosis or bulging eyes can cause harm to your eyes. It extends out from the eye sockets primarily cause due to the swelling or building of muscles, fats and tissues under the eye. It causes your eye cornea to be exposed to air making it troublesome to keep your eyes wet and moist. Bulging of eyes can always be serious and should be checked up by the professionals. It can cause many diseases including hyperthyroidism, leukemia etc that can be more dangerous to eyes which will show up their symptoms slowly. Children’s having bulge eye in one of their eyes should be immediately checked up by professionals.

Cause of Bulging eye:- 

Graves Ophthalmopathy can be a cause of bulge eye. It is an autoimmune system for the immune system of the body that produces to the thyroid gland cells that causes excessive production of thyroid hormones. This antibody might lead to dysfunctional of thyroid glands results in Graves Ophthalmopathy damaging the tissues surrounding the eyes.

Proptosis - Eye Disorders
Proptosis – Eye Disorders

Symptoms occur like :-

  • Blindness or vision loss

  • Headache

  • Fever

  • Eye pain

  • Blurry eye sight

  • Excessive dryness in eyes


This bulging of eye should be treated at the right time otherwise there will be a high chance for loss of eyesight. There are treatments for Graves Ophthalmopathy which professionals need to discuss with the eye victims. Exposed to light may cause extreme dryness on your bulging eyes. To defeat that eye drops are available in the market which can be a life savor for every person who is having eye bulging.

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