Control Eye Strain Problem
Eye Strain Causes

Control Eye Strain Problem

Eye strain is one of the most common problems in all person’s life. It has become a part in everybody’s life and day by day its increasing. It is now more seen in children for continuously on computer games or mobile phones. Day by day continuous usage make their eyes tired and it puts a lot strain on their eyes. So to protect your eyes you need to follow some remedies or precautions.

Eye Strain Problem
Eye Strain Problem
  1. Get an eye check up to see whether you have any eye problem or not. Based on that report you need to move further for medications.
  2. Proper lighting is needed because dim light may harm your eyes more. 
  3. Too much use of call phones can ruin your eyesight. Your eye power can increase. 
  4. If you are wearing glasses, and suddenly discontinue to wear, it will put more stress to your eyes.
  5. You need to adjust the computer brightness according to your eyesight. Too dim display can also affect your eye.
  6. If you have eye power, then you need to wear glasses. Otherwise you can have more strain in your eyes.
  7. Do eye exercises because it helps to secrete sufficient water in your eyes which is good for eye movement and prevent eye dryness.
  8. Blink quite often to reduce stress and eye fatigue. 
  9. Take hourly breaks while working in front of computers.
  10. Use eye drops timely if prescribed by doctors.

Thus to eliminate eye strain you should undergo the above way. If you have been prescribed by any optometrist then you should follow their remedies.

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