Winter Eye Disaster
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Winter Eye Disaster

Winter means dull dry flaky patchy skin. In winter, you will find numerous problems including skin problems, health problems etc. But you may also have eye problems too. Due to dry flaky scalp many may found eyelash problems. On the other hand, during winter all around there is dust problem which may also cause eye problems like eye redness, flaky eye etc. Like this I am going to subject 5 common winter disaster that happens to your eye:-

Eye Redness
Eye Redness
  1. Excessive tear generation – Winter conditions now and again have the contrary impact of dry eye—watery eyes and unreasonable tear generation. To fabricate for the drying impact of cold air and wind, your eyes will some of the time overproduce tears to ensure themselves and keep up the best possible dampness level. Yet, if this causes uneasiness or trouble seeing while you are outside, at that point take a stab at wearing defensive glasses or goggles to forestall presentation to the components. If you find that your eyes are watering up when you are inside, you may have an occasional hypersensitivity and its best to talk with your eye specialist about your side effects. 
  2. Vision changes and snow visual deficiency – Contingent upon where you live, temperatures may drop well underneath solidifying throughout the winter months. Outrageous temperatures contract blood stream to numerous pieces of the body to moderate warmth for the most essential organs, and some of the time your eyes may likewise be influenced. At the point when blood stream to your eyes is confined, it’s conceivable to encounter quick vision changes like light affect ability, twofold vision, and vision misfortune. Move to a hot territory inside to build blood stream and on the off chance that your vision doesn’t come back to typical inside thirty minutes, at that point look for restorative assistance right away. 
  3. Redness – Unforgiving winter conditions can cause redness, delicacy, and aggravation in the eye region. You may have swollen eyelids or staining of your eye itself. You may likewise see eyelid fits or automatic ticks if your eyes become especially bothered. This redness could result from dry eye, occasional sensitivities, or snow visual impairment. To decrease the uneasiness of aggravated eyes, apply a cool pack like a sodden washcloth and take an over-the-counter torment executioner.
  4. Dry eye and general aggravation – You may realize that chilly winter air is commonly drier than the air during hotter seasons, yet don’t disregard how this dryness may be affecting your eyes. Making an already difficult situation even worse, is the dryness of the air we heat inside trying to keep ourselves warm. Fortunately, you can shield your eyes from both by drinking a lot of water to remain hydrated, making omega 3 oils a piece of your eating regimen and utilize a humidifier in your room while you rest. 
  5. Sensitive to Light – Winter skies can appear to be dim and desolate, yet snowfall and ice make numerous intelligent surfaces that can significantly expand the measure of light. In the event that you have delicate eyes, you may encounter significantly all the more squinting, distress, and different manifestations in brilliant winter light. 
  6. Flaky eyelids – Some have allergetic skin problems and people having dandruff problems on their scalp. This may cause flaky eyes. Dandruff flakes from the scalp may fell on the eyelids causing Blepheritis which can cause allergy to eyes. Eye redness may also occur which can form severe allergy. 
    So, in case to maintain a healthy eyesight you need to be very carefull. Maintain a good distance from dust as it may also irritate your eye.

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